A Brief Resume

rickThanks for taking time to review this resume for the volunteer work I have been doing for the past seven years following my retirement from the working life.

Since retiring from Intel Corporation in 2010, I have volunteered my free time to assist local community organizations and independent artists. In January 2016, I extended my work to additional non-profit organizations through VolunteerMatch.org.

My volunteer work may qualify your organization for an Intel Involved Matching Grant. Matching grants are paid out at the beginning of each year to qualified 501(c)(3) non-profits.

My volunteer projects include photography assignments and Internet solutions such as websites and database applications. Nowadays, the majority of non-profit organizations prefer a content management system (CMS) they can maintain once it is designed and put into operation.

 Developing Internet Solutions

Below is a summary of skills that have proved beneficial in my project development work.

 WordPress Projects

Here are the website projects I have developed lately.

 Photography Services

Before my careers in high-tech, I worked as an assistant to professional photographers in Anchorage and Portland. Since then, I have nurtured my interest in making meaningful images of my own. My volunteer work in photography has been mostly for City of Hillsboro Cultural Arts. See my website for more information on Photography Services.

 Contact Me

Personal references are available on request. If you have questions or comments, contact me at .